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      新聞資訊 /news


      來源:http://www.wanyituangou.com/ 日期:2022-08-24
      I don't know if you drivers have ever encountered such a situation. When you are preparing to start the truck, the engine of the mixer truck suddenly fails to start normally. At this time, I believe everyone will be worried. In fact, this situation is not common, but we can find out the reason quickly and then work normally by teaching you some methods.
      First, check whether the distributor, spark plug and high-voltage line of the automatic concrete mixer are affected by damp due to the vehicle, such as rain. If any, dry the damp machine parts before starting. Or parts directly wetted with an electric hair dryer.
      Second, check whether the spark plug of the automatic concrete mixer is damaged; If the spark plug is damaged, only replace it with a new one. Generally speaking, the mileage of automatic concrete mixer using spark plug is about 20000 ~ 30000 km. Verify that the battery voltage is sufficient.
      Many batteries are designed as observation holes for detection. When they are green, they can be used normally. When they are black, they need to be repaired or repaired. When they are white, they should be replaced.
      Forgetting to turn off the lights and stop the car will drain the power. If yes, turn the ignition switch to the on position, put the car in the second gear, step on the clutch, and drag the car. When the car reaches a certain speed, release the clutch, and the car can start naturally.
      This method is only applicable to the fault of insufficient power. If there is a problem in the ignition system, this method will not only fail to work, but also have a negative impact on the three-way catalyst. In addition, the vehicle will damage the timing belt, resulting in serious mechanical failure. Vehicles equipped with automatic transmission cannot be started from a cart, and the engine can be started by connecting the jumper cable to the battery of other vehicles.
      The mixer engine can't start normally. This is the solution. You can use it as a reference, or you should use it in combination with the actual situation. For more information, please visit our website http://www.wanyituangou.com Consult.



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