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      來源:http://www.wanyituangou.com/ 日期:2022-08-10
      The mixer is mainly used in engineering buildings. In such a harsh environment, the impact on the mixer is very large. For example, the tires of the mixer. What problems are likely to occur with the tires of the small mixer?
      Mixer tire material selection?
      Mixer tires are generally steel wire tires, fiber tires and nylon tires. How to match the appropriate mixer tires will have a direct impact on the performance of your favorite machine. Many drivers do not know what kind of tires they are using or preparing to buy on their mixers.
      If tires with different carcasses are used on the same vehicle, the service performance of the vehicle will be affected. Therefore, when changing the tire, it is better to know what kind of tire body is used on your machine. If it is half steel wire, it is still half steel wire. If it is full fiber, it is still full fiber.
      How does the mixer rub against the tire wall?
      Most of the time, the rubbing of the tire wall is caused unintentionally when the mixer pulls aside, which may be caused by the driver's poor sense of machine or the driver's desertion. The side of the mixer tire is the weak part of the tire. If the tire is seriously worn, it will also cause the tire bulge and bring the hidden danger of tire explosion. Therefore, the driver should pay more attention to the distance between the mixer and the road shoulder to avoid rubbing against the tire wall when pulling over to stop.
      Mixer tire eccentric wear phenomenon?
      Many people think that the eccentric wear of the mixer tire is caused by the out of tolerance of the camber angle of the wheel, but in fact, the eccentric wear of the tire is largely caused by the out of tolerance of the toe in value. According to the experience summarized by the technicians engaged in four-wheel positioning for many years and the analysis of a large number of positioning detection data, it is believed that the correct toe in value can effectively avoid the eccentric wear of the tire.
      Another kind of tire eccentric wear is caused by the out of tolerance of the large total angle of the steering wheel, the incorrect camber angle of the wheel and the kingpin angle. In the actual driving of the mixer, most of them are straight-line driving, and the time for the large total angle of turning, reversing and turning is not much, so the eccentric wear caused by this is relatively small.
      What problems are easy to happen to the tires of small mixers? Here, we will finish the explanation from three questions. In short, the tire of the mixer is still very important. We should pay more attention to the tire problem and do a good job in the maintenance of the tire of the mixer. For more information, please visit our website http://www.wanyituangou.com Let's consult.



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