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      新聞資訊 /news


      來源:http://www.wanyituangou.com/ 日期:2022-07-20
      What is the reason to drain the mixer oil? When the engine is working, the engine oil will be subject to high-temperature combustion and catalysis of various metals, and will gradually age, producing carbon deposits, sludge and other substances harmful to the engine. They are produced in different parts of the engine and accumulate in the oil circuit, which will accelerate wear, cause poor lubrication and affect the service life of the engine.
      Therefore, we should master the correct oil change cycle and related knowledge. As a car owner, we should not only learn to choose the correct oil, but also master some oil change cycles and related knowledge of automatic concrete mixer.
      If the engine is the heart of the car, then the oil is the blood of the car. It has the functions of lubrication, cleaning, cooling, corrosion prevention, rust prevention, sealing, etc. A large number of metal surfaces in the engine rub against each other, so lubricating oil is needed to reduce wear, and the debris generated by metal friction will also accumulate and release, which is the main reason for the blackening of engine oil.
      During maintenance, drain the engine oil for more than 15 minutes. Usually, when we go out for maintenance, we don't pay attention to how long it takes to drain the oil. In order to pursue efficiency, some stores drain oil for 5-6 minutes, resulting in oil residue, which has a great impact on the car. It is recommended that you put forward the requirement of "oil drainage for more than 15 minutes" during maintenance. New cars are particularly important. Car owners must pay attention.
      Beginners learn how to change engine oil:
      Choose the right oil instead of expensive oil.
      Before changing the oil, drive out for a walk, let the engine oil lubricate the engine evenly, and bring out the impurities precipitated inside the engine.
      Open the oil drain at the bottom of the engine and start to drain the oil. After draining the oil, be sure to drain the engine for 15 minutes in order to completely drain the residual oil in the engine.
      Carefully observe the oil flowing out. If the oil is very viscous, stratified and has a slight smell, shorten the oil change interval. If there is a strong smell of gasoline, the engine combustion chamber is not well sealed. I can find a master to repair it.
      Close the oil port bolt and replace with a new oil filter.
      Open the oil filler, fill in new engine oil, and check the upper limit of the dipstick.
      After refueling, start the engine, start the car, and turn off the engine after idling for a few minutes. Check the dipstick again to see if it is necessary to replenish oil. For more information about the oil change of the mixer, you can follow the website http://www.wanyituangou.com have a look!



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