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      新聞資訊 /news


      來源:http://www.wanyituangou.com/ 日期:2022-07-15
      Some users don't care much about the drying tank of concrete mixer. That's a wrong idea. The drying tank still plays a great role in the use of equipment. When will the drying tank of concrete mixer be replaced? Next, let's talk.
      The drying tank of the concrete mixer is used to filter the water vapor in the compressed air in the air circuit system to prevent the air reservoir and various pump valves from being corroded. Therefore, whether the drying tank of the concrete mixer can work normally will directly affect the performance of the brake. However, in reality, Doka's friends often ignore the existence of the dryer because they do not fully understand it.
      The operation of replacing the drying tank is not complicated. Use the vent valve at the bottom of the air tank to check whether the bottom of the air tank is wet or has water. If the drying tank fails, water will flow out after opening the valve. Replace the drying tank immediately.
      When will the drying tank of the concrete mixer be replaced? Many people may not change every few years, as long as there is no problem. Moreover, the service life of drying cans of different brands is different, and the climatic environment of vehicles is also different, so it is difficult to unify the replacement cycle.
      If the driver of the concrete mixer really doesn't know when to replace it, he can judge by checking whether there is water in the air tank. However, I also want to remind all drivers that there is a certain pressure difference between the tank and the outside world because the drying tank of the concrete mixer is connected with the air circuit. When the compressed air is not emptied, it can be disassembled rashly to release the compressed air instantly, which is convenient to use.
      In short, the drying tank needs to be replaced after being used for a period of time, but this time is not fixed, because the service life of the drying tank produced by different manufacturers is different, and the working conditions of different vehicles are also different. These factors will affect the service time of the drying tank. We usually need to check the drying tank regularly. If we find that the bottom of the air tank of the drying tank is wet or there is water, we need to replace the drying tank immediately. In addition, the drying tank also needs to be replaced after leakage.
      The above is all about the problems and precautions introduced to you today. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more, you can contact us by phone or follow our website http://www.wanyituangou.com , our staff will contact you in time.



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